I was just planning on writing a cute bio on this About page, but then I realized that wouldn’t be fair to me, nor would it be fair to readers (those few who have previously read my content, and those who are new).

I have tried my hand at blogging countless times over the last few years, changing websites, deleting content and starting over, and here I find myself doing that once again.

I easily grow frustrated with not yet having found my voice as a writer, annoyed that I sometimes have to mimic other writers and bloggers in order to be noticed in the blogosphere (to very little success). I don’t know that this time will be any different, but I hope that it will.

And what better time to start than the start of a new year of life? Twenty-three was, as a colleague of mine put it, a baptism through fire for me. Ultimately, I came out the other end a better version of myself for it, but starting a new job and a new graduate program at the same time stretched me out beyond what I thought I could be capable of.

Add to that the things I was going through in my personal life, it was a year of tears, of things of which I was certain unraveling into loose ends that could not be tied into pretty little bows. I lost that which I thought was my community, I picked up the pieces of my faith so many times this year that I no longer had the energy to jump through the emotional and intellectual hoops necessary to keep it.

I don’t think I’ve come to know myself as much as I have this year, and I am hoping to be more intimately acquainted with myself in this twenty-fourth year of life, especially through writing, and to be pleased with what is revealed to me. Twenty three was mostly constant disappointment in myself. I am hoping with everything in me that this year will be different.

……. And now, here’s that cute bio to cheer you up! 11425502_699275770201997_432282673226639751_n

A doe-eyed twenty something year old fighting her wanderlust by pursuing a career in teaching English and a graduate degree simultaneously. Doing the hard work of life in Beirut. Lover of dogs and cats, fro-yo, and sea-side walks. And live music. Blogger of the afore-mentioned. And much more.


And one of my favorite A&J Stone songs.

Be well,



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