Boycotting Brick’s

Last night, at Brick’s, Thurayya Zreik stopped by to say hello to a friend of hers, who was already with a group of friends. As she was having a conversation with her friend, one of the guys at the table started verbally harassing her, to which she emphatically and repeatedly told him to stop. He … More Boycotting Brick’s

Our bodies

“Your ass looks smaller. Good job; keep it up!” “You’ve lost a lot of weight since you’ve moved in.” “Your thighs and arms look bigger. Be careful.” “You look much better than you did last year; well done!” These were all said to me just this past week. At home. At work. From loved ones. … More Our bodies


I love and dread summer both for many reasons … I dislike the heat, but enjoy afternoons at the beach with the sun beating down on my skin, turning it into my favorite shade of golden brown. I am frustrated with the ridiculous traffic caused by the influx of tourists during the summer season, but am … More Summertime